Types of Massage

Swedish therapeutic massage

Swedish massage uses long gliding, somewhat superficial strokes to improve circulation, effective breathing, and the removal of toxins in the body. Swedish massage is a powerful stress reducer that has been shown in countless studies to reduce anxiety and depression, and to greatly improve the overall sense of well being!

Deep tissue/Sports massage

Deep tissue/ sports massage is a wonderful modality to bring relief to overworked muscles as well as increased range of motion and flexibility. Firm pressure is used to bring blood flow to stagnant skin, muscles and surrounding tissues. This modality often includes passive and active stretching techniques and can help speed along recovery time!

Integrative massage

There are many, many beneficial modalities of body work. Integrative massage is the blending of deep tissue, Swedish, and several other techniques into one session. This is your maintenance massage. I draw from intuition and the information that I receive from you and your body to put together the massage that is most effective for you!

Couples massage

Two therapists, two tables, two individually tailored massage sessions. Great to enjoy with a close friend or partner!