jdlogotextredgreyWHAT IS JOURNEY DANCE?:

Journey Dance is FLOW IN MOTION!

     We come together from our own unique and authentic, real-time, individual, state of presence; and we co-create a playful, honest, embodied, movement ~ JOURNEY.  Every Journey is different…no two are ever the same.  This makes lots of room for alchemy to work her mighty~ magical genius.  At times sweet and easy, at times funky and chill, at times ornate and wild.   The flow is open and LIVE.   Participation in the DANCE is everything, and it’s always just right! 
     Dancing is our birthright!!  A most ancient and delicious form of Celebration,  Ceremony, and sheer joyous expression!  It is our GIFT to BE ABLE TO MOVE “WHAT WE GOT”…. In ways that surprise and delight us on the daily!!!  Discovering the artful modality of Journey Dance has been a sublime shift and true life gift to me!

Through the fluidity of this expressive dance I have found ways to tap into hidden truths and treasures often lying just beneath the surface of my consious awareness.

Journey dance is a fabulous and highly creative  form of conscious movement!   This practice is a  JOYFUL~HOLISTIC expressive vehicle for the body, mind, and spirt and serves as a powerful tool of self exploration and discovery.   Journey Dance is an engaging, multi~layered,  investigational opportunity …. always  taping directly into the roots of some down right FUN!!!

SUMMER 2021 class schedule:

(Every 3rd) SUNDAY 10:30-12PM, (ZOOM JOURNEY DANCE )

*for ANY questions: call/text  401-450-1888
The rhythm IS gonna get ya!!!
Wear comfy cloths… Yoga/gym pants(dress in layers as we will do some floor play)…. Bring an open heart and an open mind….. Be willing to suspend any judgements of self and others …. And trust your DIVINE SELF!!!!
 The JourneyDance story as told by founder Toni Bergins: