Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage are MANY and are highly valuable on a miriad of levels!  Whether you are looking to decompress and get grounded from an over stimulating week, day, or event ~ or are in acute or chronic pain; there  can be relief with massage therapy!    The “laying on of hands”  is a practice as old as the mountians!  Our bodies live, breathe and tell (sometimes scream) our stories.  They are our temples and are genius vessles, capable of doing so much for us.  They are our oldest friends accompanying us through each and every life event.  Our bodies, like a garden, need love and nurturing (and sometimes some old fashioned weed pulling) to flourish and produce their miraculous gifts.  Often times our bodies are neglected and under prioritized  until there is a situation that arises that forces us to take notice and take care.

Massage is a wonderful way of tapping into the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT  connection and PRACTICING relaxation.   Divine Providence Massage offers a sacred space to pause, and breathe deeply,  into any stuck spots or  zones of the body that need more attention.  Body work can serve as  a true soul reminder to connect with other tools that your mental and physical SELF might be deeply needing!  A massage session can often provide a  boost to jump start a revised self care commitment;  perhaps a new yoga, or DANCE,  or excersise practice!?    The practice of receiving massage will  most certianly add a sense of  EASE,  GRACE,  and WELL BEING to your life!