About Elizabeth

A message from Elizabeth S. Robinson

Hello!   Thanks for taking the time to check out this  website!   I thought  I would share a little bit about myself and how I  found my way to bodywork .   I  came to the path of the healing arts from my strong interest and background in  athletics, theatrical movement, yoga, and the study of psychology. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1998 with a BA in Psychology. I then went on to graduate from East West College of the Healing Arts, In Portland OR.   I  have been enjoying life here in the ocean state since I moved back to RI about seven years ago.  I have mainly been practicing here on the east side of Providence since my return to the state.  I love the energy of this city as well as the enthusiasm that the University cultures of Brown, RISD, PC, JWU, and RIC  bring to the community!  My education and training at East West College of the Healing Arts was mainly  focused on deep tissue, swedish, and integrative massage.  As I have continued to evolve in my practice I have taken continuing education courses in reiki, cranio Sacral, reflexology and energy healing.   It is always amazing to me how endless the opportunities for growth, creativity, and learning are on this journey of body/ mind integration !

It seems we are moving faster and faster these days and often times our own self care gets under prioritized.  I have learned so much through my experiences of both giving and receiving regular massage.   It has been incredible to see the profound changes that can take place.  I have learned that it takes practice to be able to truly receive.  Relaxation is an art that requires attention and maintenance in this over stimulating world.  It’s remarkable what a difference feeling good and connected in your body can make on your entire life outlook!   I love what I do and I am inspired daily to keep growing and evolving on my own path,  as well as expanding on the delivery of effectiveness with each massage I give!   I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!